Public & Community Groups

Are you interested in holding an event at and SRJC site? 

All Facility Use Requests must be made at least six weeks in advance and approvals must be given before the event can occur.

Anyone requesting  SRJC facility space must complete the Facility Use Request Form. 

The review and approval process can take 20-25 working days. Requests made 15 or less working days cannot be processed unless urgent consideration is granted by SRJC Administration. Requests submitted less than 10 working days can't be processed.

Questions and completed forms should be directed  to  Javier Rodriguez  and Sarah Martin.

If a non-District group is partnering with the District, the District partner should submit the new Event Application, which includes a field to document any outside organizations participating in an activity. Other forms will be required if an internal department is co-sponsoring an external group.

Note: We are currently working on making these forms digital and accessible. This is a work in progress.


Insurance Requirements


The following locations and spaces can be reserved.

Site Building Room Room Capacity
Santa Rosa Bertolini Dining Hall - Room 4612  
Santa Rosa Bertolini Student Activities Center (SAC) - Room 4608  
Santa Rosa Bertolini Center For Student Leadership(CSL) – Room 4643 Also known as Rotary Room  
Santa Rosa Bertolini Senate Chambers – Room 4638  
Santa Rosa Doyle First Floor – Classrooms 141 - 145 – 146  
Santa Rosa Doyle Library – Room 436 (Formerly 4520)  
Santa Rosa Burbank Main Theater – Room 160  
Santa Rosa Burbank Frank Chong Studio – Room 175  
Santa Rosa Burbank Lobby – Room 102  
Santa Rosa Haehl Haehl Pavilion Gym – Room 1105  
Santa Rosa Quinn Quinn Swimming Center Indoor & Outdoor Pools  
Santa Rosa Forsyth Piano Room – Room 105  
Santa Rosa Emeritus Newman Auditorium – Room 1564  
Santa Rosa Lindley Center STEM – Room 138  
Santa Rosa Various Some Classrooms from Emeritus, Kunde and Lindley Center (Any typical classroom)  
Santa Rosa Sports Field Bailey Field  
Santa Rosa Sports Field Baseball Field  
Santa Rosa Sports Field Softball Field  
Santa Rosa Sports Field Soccer Field  
Santa Rosa Outdoor Area Bertolini/Doyle Quad  
Santa Rosa Outdoor Area Outdoor Stage  
Santa Rosa Outdoor Area Burbank Circle  
Petaluma Mike Smith Conference Rooms - Rooms 102 & 103  
Petaluma Mike Smith Student Engagement and Success Center - Room 114  
Petaluma Mike Smith Outdoor Canopy - room 127  
Petaluma Building 400  Courtyard Café (Indoor) - room 101  
Petaluma Building 400  Courtyard Café (Outdoor) - room 101A  
Petaluma Building 800 Physical Fitness Center - Room 808  
Shone Farm Dutton Pavilion Classroom - Room 5603  
Shone Farm Dutton Pavilion Classroom - Room 5603 A  
Shone Farm Dutton Pavilion Kitchen - Room 5613  
Shone Farm Dutton Pavilion Patio - No Number  
Shone Farm Dutton Pavilion Kunde Showcase Arena - Room 5601